Revolution limites generations? (Famitsu.Com, JP)
16 Nov. Nintendo of America released Play "Control System" for next hardware.
(NOA, English)
By using a password-controlled setting, adults can decide what flexibility they'll allow younger players to have in playing video games rated E (Everyone), E10+ (Everyone 10 and Older), T (Teen) or M (Mature). The system also ensures that dedicated adult gamers can opt to play without limitations. ---
This function sounds good for parents. Actually not only for children but also moe* product developpers.
Currently, such as moe products are sold only for DS, PC and PS2, Nintendo control them with unclearl-stated rules. In the past platform, PCFX has been loved such as moe uses but if the generation control system works well, Revolution can enlarge their market to some different attribution.
*moe; Passion of otaku. Especially useful for "prettiness of small girl". Originally, the chinese character "萌" calls "tomoe" in Japanese, tomoe is common girls name and means "plants growing in spring".
aki o_ob