Recently, my colleague has start to use SNSs then I have to prepare some “description” by myself. I leave my part of introduction…

Computer entertainment industries are enlarging day by day. However, most commercial activities focus to graphics and sales in current market. When I had worked for Criterion, RenderWare, an official rendering engine on PlayStation2 platform, most game projects need beautiful computer graphics but they understand; graphics is not a goal, just a part of computer entertainment. Then I have decided to back to academia and got Ph.D diploma by “Future computer entertainment systems”. It uses virtual reality techniques like haptics with full body interaction system. Actually, most current entertainment technologies, especially development of game contents by Japanese are build on experimental knowledge. In short, there are no actual researches to clear “Why we can enjoy with computer systems?”

Now, I’m working in Laval, a famous VR research city in west France. It has “Laval Virtual”, annual VR festival and a great project of VR theme park that will be opened at 2007. My task is research, development and promotion for these projects, of course, I teach for master and doctor courses specialized for virtual reality development and research in Laval.

You can find me in linked in.
So, some of SNSs are designed as “business communication website” but, in Japan, the most famous SNS is designed as “communication for healing”.
If you have interest about this, I’ll write about this…

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