INTUITIONというVR/VR産業向けワークショップからの「ポスター募集」です。 Cenlisはフランスの北にある都市で、CETIMというのは産業メカ技術センター。 http://www.cetim.fr/ 【開催日】 2005年11月24-25日 【締め切り】 9/30 PowerPointによるポスター概要と2ページのペーパーそれぞれ 10/14 ポスター受領通知 10/28 最終原稿の提出 http://www.intuition2005.org

内容は産業寄り、ということです。以下詳細。 — 2nd INTUITION Workshop : VR/VE & Industry: Challenges and opportunities Espace CETIM, Senlis, (France); 24-25th of November 2005. Call for Posters The 2nd INTUITION International Workshop will be one of the biggest opportunities for VR researchers to meet in Europe within 2005, following a high quality workshop program. It is expected to gather the world’s VR experts and representatives from the biggest European Industries interested to VR and its many different application areas (Automotive, Aerospace, Energy, Telecom, Education etc). In addition to the invited speaker sessions, all INTUITION partners, companies aswell as academics, are invited to submit posters associated to a short paper (2 pages) to present new research results, tools and applications in VR/VE domains.

The posters proposals will be evaluated by an International Scientific Committee. Proposed posters can address all VR/VE aspects and applications. Indicatively the major topics of this workshop are: - Best practices and threads in VR applications - Tools and methods in VR - Interoperability and standards - VR in Engineering Design and Development - VR in Industrial Processes and Applications - VR Needs & industrial breakthroughs - Training using VR in industrial applications Important dates September 30th 2005: Deadline to receive the Powerpoint poster propositions and 2 pages paper for each. October 14th 2005: Scientific Committee notification for accepted posters. October 28th 2005: Final version of posters and the related papers submission.

Other information ・ Email submissions (proposal and final) have to be sent to [email protected] , the chairman of the poster session. For large size submissions please contact first by e-mail [email protected]. ・ The 2 pages paper will be a Times 10 Word file, including Title, Author, Address, Email, and Keywords. The Powerpoint file must respect the attached format file. ・ Final accepted posters must be edited by the authors, while the short papers will be published in the workshop proceedings .・ For more information on the Workshop please visit: www.intuition2005.org ・ For more information on INTUITION please visit: www.intuition-eunetwork.net ・ INTUITION Workshop Scientific Committee: Angelos Amditis (ICCS)- Chair Alain Micaelli (CEA) Patrick Bourdot (CNRS) Dennis Saluaar (VTEC) Bruno Arnaldi (INRIA) Roland Blach (FhG) Matthias Bues (FhG) Martin Goebel (IEEE VR) Jean Lorisson (PSA) Marc Ernst (MPIT) Martin Buss (TUM) Patrick Johnson (DS) Oliver Riedel (AUDI) Carolina Cruz Neira (Iowa State) Massimo Bergamasco (PERCRO) Bernd Froehlich (Weimar Un.) Henry Fuchs Skip Rizzo (USC) Evangelos Bekiaris (CERTH) Mario Doulis (Un. Of Aargau)