Nintendo will start movable theme park project of "PocketMonsters" all over the world. (Nikkei)
Nintendo will start a theme park project using PocketMonsters in limited term.
They will start in Taiwan at next June, and continue it in different country at each year until 2010.
This is the first time such as oversea project using Japanese original character.
They have plans to show movies and sell game tie-up contents to make synergy.
The movable theme park will name as "PokePark" and start in Taipei for 3 months.
Charactor coaster, wheel, 5-10 children attractions and mini theaters and interactive games will be installed.
Area will be 40,000 sqm. 1,000,000 visitors will be expected.
They also have plans to show Pockemon movies on the TV and sell their card games.
And they have plans to exhibit in USA , Europe and China-Shanghai.
Recently, they developped new theme park of Karuta, traditonal japanese card games using game technologies in Kyoto.
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