SIGGRAPH 2017 に来ております. 今年はReal BabyがEmerging Technologies (E-Tech)に通ったこともあり,なかなか大変ですが,例年通り取材も行なっておりますので,以下,作品リストです.このリストが欲しい人もいると思いまして. Adaptive Dynamic Refocusing Altered Touch AoEs atmoSphere Bottomless Joystick 2 Cardiolens Demo of FaceVR DIY Position Tracking Add-On for Mobile AR/VR GVS RIDE HangerON HangerOVER Hapbeat HaptoCloneAR Infinite Stairs Membrane AR MetaLimbs Mid-Air Interaction with a 3D Aerial Display Non-Line-of-Sight MoCap Real Baby - Real Family Submerged Haptics Touch Hologram in Mid-Air TwinCam Varifocal Virtuality Wired Muscle Headset Removal, Virtual Reality, and People Detection Merge Cube OrbeVR Sky Magic Stretchable Transducers for Kinesthetic Interactions in Virtual Reality なお出展は本家ページ,ではなく,International Resourcesのオーディオガイドです.