VRIC 2016 Special Session on Friday 14:00-16:00 in ROOM1 14:00-14:20  Opening Address “Real-Virtuality”, Prof. Akihiko SHIRAI (KAIT) 14:20-14:30 “IVRC to Laval Virtual / Jack and the Beanstalk”, Mr. Shota SUGIMOTO, (Univ Keio) 14:30-14:50  “Embodied Media”, Prof. Kouta MINAMIZAWA (Univ keio) 14:50-15:00 “Metamorphosis Hand: Interactive Experience of Embodying Virtually Transformed Hands”, Nami Ogawa (Univ of Tokyo) 15:00-15:30  ”VR to Superhuman Sports” Prof. Masahiko INAMI (Univ of Tokyo) 15:30-16:00  Round table and debate, exchanges with the audience http://www.slideshare.net/aquihiko/speciall-sesson-of-laval-virtual-revolution-2016-real-virtuality img_3649 img_3646 img_3645 img_3648