VARE2015 Day1 – メキシコ遠征日記: VARE2015初日まとめ 02:17:09

“Agumented Reality Stoytelling” Ronald IZUMA, Intel Labs. The most important question in Augmented Reality: How to establish a media? One slide summary of AR applications My answer to the question - more than just “web on world” - more than just “virtual content superimposed on reality” Why story telling? PLAY: Experiments conducted in a simlified, toy environment that condifies key charactreristics of a reali situation, where it is safe to make mistakes… STORY: Importance of compelling storytelling experiences Plimoth Plantation: I visited this 30 years ago and still remember stories. Conceptual examle: Gettysburg Westwood Experience (relations?) Reinforce Reskinning AR facade (Georgia Tech) Leviathan: Bringing stories into our world Lebiathan @ CES 2014 Remembering Three Angry Men RealSense demo Indirect AR “Outdoor tracking using OpenStreetMap data” TU Graz, Best paper at ISMAR 2015 Conclusion Location-Based Mixed Reality ISMAR 2016 ISMAR 2016, Walterio Mayol-Cuevas of the University of Bristol, announced during the closing ceremony of ISMAR 2015 that ISMAR 2016 will take place in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico from September 19 to September 23, 2016.

—- Virtual Reality Technology Calorina Cruz-Neira

Lets be clear “VR = HMD” … NO!

VR = Technology that you take “there” A look back into VR - 80 and 90s - Gaming

My early VR days

  • My first VR experience -> 1991 HMD - Very coold technology - After the excitement, then some reflections: - Lost myself, my body, my friends, my enviromenet = I am all alone. - Cumbersome gear - Cant envision a group in this setting ( yes, I know, you are thinking what about collaborate VR environments) …

The “other” VR

I want to build a physical space that allows us to bring our “really confort elements”, yourself…

My goals with the cave

An environment to mix, real and virtual spaces. Bring your own body into the virtual experience and bring your buddies too! Provide an social envionment in which multiple people could have discussions about topic bein explored. Reduce the technology…

1995-2001 VR’s booming years

Cables. VR becames a tool. Did you tried to build CAVE by yourself?

2012: VR is BACK

A look forward into VR 2015-2020 (same with 80-90s)

Emerging Analytics Center (EAC)? What is big data at EAC? - Big Data = not only about size ( Complex relationships, rate of avalavility)

Warehouse Fire Simulation

  • Lets them move (2D moving floor in cave) Virtual Hydrological Observatory - NSF-funded: Recreating field expereinces for civil engineering undergraduates - million dollars “Assisted Living” - Stage Performance - NSF sponsored - Network of Sensors - RAs and REU - All Eng and CS - 3 nights Anatomical Eyes - Anatomy teachinig and leaning tool targeted to better diagnostics, better treatment and better outcomes.

  • Labo tour in Tecnológico Monterrey. Virtual/Actual Factory comparing. European project. #VARE2015 10:40:06
  • Mechanical club, human power vehicle challenge. 10:41:15
  • 18-19歳の学生プロジェクトだそうです。女子も大活躍。 #VARE2015 /Human Power Vehicle competition, Mechanical Group, Tech Monterrey, Mexico 10:44:00
  • Nanotechnology for hydrophobic. Nice neighborhood in same zone :-) 10:53:29
  • 騒音もシミュレーションできるバーチャルファクトリー。 10:57:46
  • 鉄鋼・自動車工業などの工業を多く擁するモンテレイ工科大学。女子も多く(男女比半々か女子多いぐらい)様々なモノづくり系の研究が文字通り壁なく活動している。外では明日のオープンキャンパスに向けてMakerワークショップが準備されている。 11:11:06
  • 男女比は女子は目立つけど学科によってまちまちで、HPVやってる彼らの工学部 機械・電気学科では60名に対して女子は10名以下との事なので日本とあまり変わらないかも。 ビジネス、医療、ヒューマニティ、アート&サイエンスに多いようです。 in reply to o_ob 11:23:31
  • 夜景すごい 山側の立体感。 11:53:33
  • Dr. Eduardo Gonzalez Mendivil 先生。 とても良い顔しておられる。 12:05:17
  • すごいのはじまった! Baile folklorico Mexicano 文化民謡クラブの学生による熱いダンス! 12:08:37
  • I’ve got a new friend in the party. Cedric is very young researcher (of his mother) :-) 12:32:49
  • It’s not scaring, training of smiling ;-) 12:33:32
  • とてもラテンらしい、メキシコらしい、サルサらしい、というかモンテレイらしいダンスを観たよ! 12:36:28
  • このイヤイヤ的な動きが好き。 駄々っ子で自己主張の強いセニョールを表現しているのだろうか。 12:38:32
  • Besos Indios: インディアン・キス という名のキャンディ。キャラメルクッキー的な味。右はGlorias Rillenas。 練乳で作ったキャラメルで発酵臭がする。チョコレートに近い味。外国からの参加者に大ウケ。 12:54:46
  • It’s not scaring, training for smiling :-) in reply to o_ob 13:21:53
  • Dr. Dominic Gorecky also got a new friend. It’s not for experience X-) 14:03:10
  • 先日の私の講演を聞いたUANLの学生、マルコ( @DragooDragneel )とエイドリアンが学会会場の方にも来てくれました。 日本語勉強中とか。頑張れ〜。 14:16:14
  • 明日はメキシコ遠征最終日。 基調講演が終わったらそのままホテルチェックアウトして深夜便で日本へ。

あれ?忙しすぎてお土産買ってない….! 23:41:09   〔おまけ〕 先日のTechnologico Monterrery Campus Pueblaでの講演がYouTubeにあがってました。自分で見るの恥ずかしいけど。