Today I checked the new online submission system of SIGGRAPH2008.
It’s completely new (like ReVolution2008)! I have to create a new
account for the new system.

I can see these submissions today…
[open] General Submission OPEN 17 October 2007 30
January 2008
[missing] Papers Forthcoming 11 December 2007 23 January
[open] Student Volunteers OPEN 01 November 2007 24
February 2008
[missing] XSV: Ex-Student Volunteers CLOSED 17 October 2007
11 November 2007

“General Submission” includes everything that means Poster, sketch,
E-Tech, Art, Computer Art Festival, etc…
For all submission have to fill following questions;

-Title of the Submission:
-Summary Statement:
A single-sentence executive summary that introduces the achievements of
your submission (50 words or fewer - proofed - suitable for conference
A short overview that highlights the innovations and significant
accomplishments, commentary, or contributions of your submission to the
SIGGRAPH community (150 words or fewer - proofed - suitable for
conference publicity).
-Optional web url to be used for conference publicity.
-Primary submission area:
-Secondary submission area:
You are required to select one Primary submission area and may
optionally select a Secondary submission area. Use the links below for a
detailed explanation of each submission area.

  • Complexity and Accessibility
  • Future History
  • Global Responsibility
  • Impact on Society
  • Professional Development and Education
  • Slow Art
  • Computer Animation Festival

-Primary keyword:
-Additional keyword:
-Check here if this work has appeared or been submitted elsewhere?
-Indicate whether this work has been presented, published or submitted
elsewhere. This includes work that is closely derivative of other work
or techniques. If so, please give details.
-Check here if your presentation at the conference will differ from the
materials you upload.
-Indicate whether your presentation will differ in some way from the
materials you upload. For example:
Electronic file format doesn’t properly capture physical characteristics
Unable to upload final imagery yet due to copyright restrictions
-Provide as much detail as possible, but remember that the jury will
evaluate your work based solely on the uploaded materials, so you must
make sure the uploaded materials capture or explain its merits. Any
notes you give here are for clarification purposes only).
If so, please give details.
-Check here to request review by the English Review Service.
Non-native English speakers may use the English Review Service to help
with text of submissions. Please note that this takes time, so your
submission must be sent to the English Review Service well in advance of
the published deadline.

The next page is a agreement of rights no changes as before.

Anyway, it sounds difficult for past challengers but it makes a lot of
chance for newcommers, I think!

best regards,

Akihiko Shirai, Ph.D
Invited Researcher
Presence & Innovation Laboratory ENSAM France