Call for Demo: Laval Virtual ReVolution 2008

Laval Virtual is the biggest VR convention in Europe, held yearly at Laval. We’re currently organizing the 10th edition, which will include an international academic conference (VRIC), a student competition in cooperation with IVRC (, an awarding event, an international exposition and “ReVolution”, an international contribution of VR demonstrations.

Laval Virtual 2008 Official Home Page
9-13 April 2008

Laval Virtual ReVolution 2008
-World Performance of VR Applications- Submission deadline 29th Jan 2008

Laval Virtual ReVolution 2008
-World Performance of VR Applications-

Laval Virtual ReVolution is an annual honor to the world’s finest
VR project, by Laval Virtual. This is a hall of fame award that decides
the best Virtual Reality demonstration and/or application from all over
the world. Virtual Reality is not only a technology but also a never
ending story between computers and human history.
We cannot get the final answer of this issue immediately, as we still
need to find and walk one of the many possible paths that will lead us
to a future navigated by brilliant stars. The staring at those stars
should be continued for the future voyagers on the way.
Of course, a great number of academic papers or commercial products can
build a way of Virtual Reality. However we suggest a new relation
between developmental projects and general public at on-site
demonstrations. If a performed project has impact, technology and
persuasive, it will move the general public and change the common sense.
So, this means a revolution in the history of Virtual Reality.
Please try to join today’s stardom with your exciting project.
And share the activity from all over the world!

Session Organizer: Akihiko SHIRAI, Ph.D (ENSAM P&I Lab / JSPS / Miraikan )

We hope to accept your brilliant projects which can get over the current
common sense of Virtual Reality and make changes to the current
human-computer interfaces and Virtual Reality history.

-Technology Demonstration
-Interactive Arts
-Entertainment VR
-New Media Designs
-New Game Systems
-New Human Interfaces and Displays
-Realtime Images
…And any other “non genre” VR projects

Submission deadline 29th Jan 2008

*How to submit?
You have to prepare below to submit ReVolution
-Description document (pdf/word)
-Floor installation plan (pdf/ppt/jpg/gif)
-Three Images for web

*See the submission details
This year we cerebrate the 10 year anniversary of Laval Virtual, with this year’s design having “water” as a main theme.

*What can the winners expect?
There are 2 acceptance classes: the “Welcome” and the “Invited”. If you are chosen as an “Invited” winner, your team’s trip, accommodation and a premium ticket for the Gala Dinner in the old castle of Laval will provided for by the organization.

*How to get accepted on ReVolution
*Partnership with ACM SIGGRAPH Emerging Technologies
One project, “Globe4D” at the Laval Virtual ReVolution 2007, got a prize in “Emerging Technologies”. As a result the project has gotten a ticket for SIGGRAPH 2007 by jury’s choice.
We hope to, once again, receive your great submissions!

Akihiko SHIRAI, Ph.D ([email protected])

Invited Researcher
Presence & Innovation Laboratory ENSAM France