Finally, I had get accepted an article by a ACM SIGGRAPH video game symposium as a full paper.

WiiMedia : motion analysis methods and applications using a consumer video game controller</span>

“WiiMedia” is a study to use the WiiRemote, a new consumer video game controller from Nintendo’s, for media art, pedagogical application, scientific researche and innovative unprecedented entertainment system. Normally, consumer hardwares like standard like standard controllers of new video game platforms are closed to public developers. But, the Nintendo’s WiiRemote can be connected easily thanks to a BlueTooth adapter with an ordinary PC. Thus, public developers can access to the WiiRemote’s acceleration an IR sensors via this wireless connection. We think it might enlarge non-professional game development environment with a new innovative game controller. However, when we tried to develop our projects with the WiiRemote, we encountered many difficulties because the only data that can be captured are basic data and not the full player’s motion with teh controller. Through the WiiMedia project with the development of a few applications, we compared some motion analysis methods using the WiiRemote. This paper describes case studies that include states of arts and several motion analysis methods.

Video are possible on YouTube :

WiiMedia:Sword Fighting “JaWii’s Virtual Fencing”

WiiMedia:Painting”Papier Poupee Painter”ver.Alpha

AceSpeeder2 WiiMedia Edition

See you at San Diego!</span>
Akihiko Shirai, Ph.D
Invited Researcher
Presence & Innovation Laboratory ENSAM France