Now I’m having a lot of English tasks. Also I had rest lot in my home then my French language systems (in my head) is almost sleeping. Anyway I’m keeping use my poor English on my blog.

So I had hunting down myself in this week.
Because my engine is still stalling.

Why? I’ve some reasons that I haven’t wrote here.

-Hay fever in France (Rhume d’allergie) is hard for me…this year is harder than before. 1 box of tissue per a week. It’s a normal sense in Japan but it’s abnormal here.

-Future (in Laval)
…Yes, I have to decide soon. I already discussed with Simon (it needs 4 month when I had suggested to him). The discussion is excited but there were no special interests for me. Most of tasks are just some classic technology usage. If I prefer to work like that, I should work in Japan. Because the sense is near for me, technology is higher, price may be same or less. But price is not a primary problem for me. Exceptionally establishment of a fund of VR student may be interest for me. But it should be a task in LMT, not me.

-Future (other)
I had updated my CV (thanks Gill for your help).
It was 11 pages! Yes. Probably it’s not a CV. It includes my CV, projects and publication in these 10 years.
Anyway, I sent it for 2 posts. Everything starts from sending our CV… I hope it starts my engine again.

-Ubuntu Linux 07.04
Good! When I tried it as updating, it haven’t work well. I guess some drivers like Wifi(atheros) or ATI is conflict with new functions. So, the new Wifi manager on Ubuntu works very well.

-Fete de Jeux
Le 25-26 mai, I will show something at Musee Vieux Chateaux.

-Laval Virtual affairs
When I do something about LV, my computer always crashes. Why??

-WiiMedia full paper camera ready for Sandbox
It is my current main task…
Yes I had accepted. But writing quality is too bad. Miracle bad. I must rewrite it as better version. Ouch, my abstract on the website also… Its deadline is next Tuesday. I have to hurry up me.

-IVRC Google Groups
Please see http://ivrc.net/BoF
I had created 2 google groups for French students and international mailing lists.

It’s time to back to write… see you.

Akihiko Shirai, Ph.D
Invited Researcher
Presence & Innovation Laboratory ENSAM France