Proposal of “IVRC2007”

”The 15th International collegiate Virtual Reality Contest”

Tokyo Preliminary Stage 29-30th September 2007 for the public
Final Stage 2-3th November 2007 for the public

Tokyo Preliminary Stage: Miraikan 1st floor (Tokyo)
Final Stage: Techno Plaza, (Kakamigahara city, Gifu prefecture)

IVRC Executive Committee, organized with Virtual Reality Society of Japan, Gifu prefecture and Kakamigahara city.

5.Patronages and supports
Partornage by « Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry » and « Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology » (applications in progress). Funding support are welcoming at any time.

(Past support partners at IVRC2006)
FromSoftware, Accenture, NTT Communications, Ogaki Kyoritsu Ginko, Cadcenter, Crescent, Jyuroku Ginko, Kawasaki Heavy Industories, ViewPlus, VR Techno center, Gifu Shinyou Kinko and Santoku Shouji (hororifics are not added).

Numbers of the public entree: over 500 persons at Tokyo stage, over 1000 persons at Gifu.
Jury committee is separately organized with well-informed persons from industrial, academic and arts.
French students and teachers of « VERDUN 1916: The Time Machine » (ESIEA Ouest / ESCIN) who had been selected at Laval Virtual 2007 will participate.

Tokyo Preliminary Stage : 29-30th September 2007 (Miraikan in Tokyo)
Joint event: « Interactive Tokyo 2007 » , EC2007 (Entertainment Computing Conf.)
Program Candidates
Gifu Final Stage : 2-3th November 2007 (Techno Plaza in Kakamigahara Gifu)
Program Candidates
2th November : Jurying, open for guests, awarding / 3th Open for the public

[BoF on SIGGRAPH2007]
If your friend will participate to SIGGRAPH 2007 San Diego, please tell it.
Birds of a feather (BoF) is a meeting who has interest about one topic.

*Monday, 6 August

  • International Virtual Reality Contest (IVRC)
    San Diego Convention Center
    Room 29C
    11:30 am - 12:30 pm

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Akihiko Shirai, Ph.D
Invited Researcher
Presence & Innovation Laboratory ENSAM France