Call for papers for the Interaction Design and Children (IDC 2007) conference, 6-8 June, 2007, Aalborg, Denmark


Keynote speakers at the IDC conference will be:

Professor Mitchel Resnick, MIT Media Laboratory, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA Mark William Hansen, Director of Business Development, Lego, Billund, Denmark

The increased focus on children’s role in the design and evaluation of interactive technologies has provided several interesting research studies and results. Currently, we are aware of the fact that children have been characterized as not just young adults, but as independent individuals with their own strong opinions, needs, likes, and dislikes, and they should be treated as such. Several studies have focused on children in educational or training settings; this has been natural as children often encounter and use information technology in schools. Thus, children have often participated as future end-users of educational or edutainment technologies.

IDC 2007 welcomes submissions on all topics from the domain of interaction design and children, including, but not limited to:

* Usability, enjoyability, accessibility, persuasion, ethics, and safety issues, with particular reference to children

* Evaluation methods for use with children

* Evaluations of interactive systems and technologies for children

* Emerging or new technologies and their impact on children’s health, education or play

* Methods and techniques for establishing children’s requirements for interactive systems

* Guidelines for the design of interactive systems for children

* Reports on the development of interactive systems for children (motivation, design, outcome, evaluation)

* Design of innovative systems to children

* Theoretical models of interaction with special relevance to children

* Results of ethnographic and case studies in children’s use of interactive systems

* Stimulating in-depth analyses of issues related to interaction design and children

* Effects of interactive technologies in children’s lives (e.g. game violence and aggression, obesity, learning)

* Design and evaluation of interactive systems for children with special needs

Submission deadlines:

Full papers: January 19, 2007

Short papers: March 5, 2007

Poster and demos: March 5, 2007

Notification deadlines:

Full papers: February 23, 2007

Short papers: March 30, 2007

Poster and demos: March 30, 2007

Camera-ready deadlines:

Full papers: March 16, 2007

Short papers: April 10, 2007

Poster and demos: April 10, 2007

To address emerging research and development, IDC 2007 will look for papers, demonstrations, posters that may include at least one of the following broad areas:

* Emerging technologies for children (e.g., innovative educational simulations, online games, accessible fabrication devices, mobile communications devices, wireless embedded technologies, sensors and actuators, “smart” materials, authoring/programming tools)

* The impact these technologies can have on children’s lives (e.g., in schools, at home, in public spaces)

* New research methods which give children a voice in the design, development, and evaluation processes (e.g., participatory design methods, usability testing, etc.)

All accepted papers are presented at the IDC 2007 conference, and appear in the IDC 2007 Proceedings. Proceedings will be published in the ACM Digital Library.

For more information please check the IDC 2007 website:

Akihiko Shirai, Ph.D
Invited Researcher
Presence & Innovation Laboratory ENSAM France