The time difference between Japan and France is 8 hours in official. However “the time difference of pop culture” is about 6-8 years in my experience, I guess.

I can say “trop tard”(too late) in bad language, bat we can see the future in France opposite. Additionally, someone who are alredy tired in Japan may get popularity in France. Then loser is Japanese who are alredy developed but not rewarded from the other’s point of view.

For example, in France, I saw a TV program “DOMINO DAY” at the last weekend. But this type of TV events are almost tired in Japan at 1999 or before. Of course I can find a lot of “french decoration” in the TV program. However, in fact, my works are such as “redevelopment and exporting for computer entertainment” then I can enjoy to see when such as “burned pop culture” be revival in France.

Today, I found same example in pop music, “Tomoe Shinohara”.
She is a famous pop and techno music singer, artist and designer about 1996-1999. But she got a great chance in Paris last week.

“Parisien has tranced with Tomoe SHINOHARA in JPOP Festa.”
“Tomoe SHINOHARA will participate to Paris music festibal, break in France”

Too large story, they are! She just sing once time? But I think “Ultra-Relax” is her best song in her golden age, and her strange Japanese language is sounds good for French “otaku” Japanese speakers (she speaks crasy funny Japanese with hiragana and katakana). Of course, it is not a traditional Japanese, I can say.
Especially, such as funny news relax me because recently Japanese journal say “France = Violence”. And “fête de music a Paris” is great chance for her. Please sing in French, svp!

So, I haven’t know, her latest song, “Aso-Fever” has used to the latest ending theme song of “Gashbell(Zatchbell)”, I think if Zatchbell also will be fever if the TV program statrted. But… it is little difficult to get social assumption because of they describe themselves as “battle action anime”…

I found some interesting websites about this topic below.

Multilingual funsite of Tomoe SHINOHARA Article,
with this whitemen dance performance.
In such as online store,
Here also.

This is an official page of Tomoe SHINOHARA.

So, can I call her to fete de music Laval for 2007, because she is also curator of Digital Studium(NHK)…

aki o_ob