• The IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces 2006 (March 25 and 26, Alexandria, Virginia USA, DL: November 30, 2005)
*ACM SIGCHI ACE 2006 (Hollywood U.S.A., 14th-16th, June 2006, DL: 15th Feb. 2006) *Encyclopedia of Networked and Virtual Organizations
Details: [http://akihiko.shirai.as/modules/bwiki/index.php?CallForPapers](http://akihiko.shirai.as/modules/bwiki/index.php?CallForPapers)
SIGCHI ACE is ineresting conference (I had participated at 2005). However IEEE-3DUI is also very interesting. They will be held with IEEEVR2006. But, why the deadline is same (30th Nov)?

So, one submission has been accepted by IEEEVR2006 from my laboratory.
Congratulation, Lionel.

aki o_ob