Tweets at 2019-06-16

  • Unusual Mountain Ahuna Mons on Asteroid Ceres via NASA ->
  • RT @ENiwatori: @o_ob Dr. Shirai, for the SigGraph World VTuber Showcase video entry, is it OK if we use any language other than English? (A… ->
  • @ENiwatori Thanks for your interest. It’s welcome in various languages. The theater will be in “international cente… in reply to ENiwatori ->
  • 流石に今日の日差しは強くて辛かったのだけど、冷蔵庫のマカダミア豆乳とアーモンドを少々摂取。

    抗酸化飲料アーモンドミルクは運動中もおすすめ、熱中症対策にも – アスリートめ… ->