I have hay fever. I have a runny nose and itchy eyes during mid February to mid April in Japan. My birthday is in-between of them. So, my fever peak is exactly at the peak at my annual age incremental day… My Cedar pollen allergy had started when I was 21 years old. In this year, it is better because I’m taking rest well and keep my pace of working. but it weakens me… Here I’m writing down my condition myself.

  • Discomfort on the eyeballs
  • Sleepy, always fatigue
  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Be in not concentrated mind
  • Forgetting a lot (more than usual)

It’s harder during the waking up and going to sleep. Don’t lough me about these small issues. When it beat me up, I can use a box of tissues by a few days (or less). In the other aspect, food and smokes are also very effected to the condition. Tabaco smokes make me harder than other season. Fried potatoes and hamburgers are most hardest food in this season. Sometimes, pollen is not the reason of this seasonal allergy. In some area, Yellow River sand from China is known as real reason of this phenomenon. To be better life if you gave the seasonal fever like me: Take shower to wash out everything often. Drink water lot Don’t be shy to wear surgical mask in the street :-[]   I’ve tried to know when the first hay fever had found. It was existed in some oriental medicine sites. https://www.1sshindo.com/sp/explanation/hay_fever.html 東風生於春。病在肝。 故春気者、病在頭。 故春善病鼽衂 (素問金匱真言論篇) 東風 is wind from East. It is a word of spring seasonal. 風邪(Kaze) is a cold in Japanese. The influenza is separated from it today. But the word is combined by wind + evil. The seasonal fever was recognized as an infection. The hay fever is not recognized by pollen but it is recognized by wind infection. It also describes affecting to liver, head and running nose. My Taiwanese student Rex also found a detailed document. https://ctext.org/huangdi-neijing/jin-gui-zhen-yan-lun/zh … So, now I can say, researching it is better than taking medication to solve small disabilities and issues. Because it is continuing from a few thousands yeas ago. And if the advanced regenerative medicine is realized, I’ll still be weaken by this seasonal allergy. So, I’ll try to love to feel “smell of spring” by my nose rather than nothing be seasonal felt by medicines. …Hakkushooon!!