In this year, I have to get accept some articles on international conference and journals.

In the past days, I had managed them on my Wiki site, but I guess such as CFP(Call For Paper/Participation) should be posted to Blog like here.

Now, there are too many international conferences about Entertainment Technologies.
But their qualities of conference (submission, management, difficulty and publicity) are completely different.

So, it looks like a vogue.
I know such as situation is just typical “Research of Play” in medieval to modern generation.

Someone says,
“Research of Play is Playing of Researcher, isn’t it?”

I am not sure it will be true or not, but I think it will be a hint archiving CFP linked to Entertainment Technologies.
Also it will be a good memorandum for my research….

Akihiko Shirai, Ph.D
Invited Researcher
Presence & Innovation Laboratory ENSAM France