[CFP]セカンドライフ内で学会 MC3.0

MC3.0 – Call for Participation
CITASA Mini-Conference MC3.0 on August 12, 2007 in SecondLife.
1) Anyone interested in participating as a presenter or discussant (see
topics below) should contact one of the MC3.0 organizers by July 23, 2007.
2) Anyone may attend the MC3.0 SecondLife session that wil be held August
12, 5:00 – 8:30 pm (EDT) during the ASA meetings. There will be no
central physical location for MC3.0, but there will be an opportunity for
informal, face-to-face discussion during the CITASA joint reception with
the section on Teaching and Learning in Sociology on August 13th
(6:30-8:30 pm) in the Hilton.
3) To attend MC3.0 you should have an active SecondLife account and be
familiar with the basics of SecondLife navigation and communication.
Opportunities for discussion in SecondLife will follow each of the three
main presentations.
4) CITASA will provide personalized SecondLife orientation assistance and
telephone support July 24 through July 27 between 5 and 9 pm (EDT). To
arrange a session send email to jwitte@clemson.edu
Web 2.0 and Beyond:
The Sociological Significance of Virtual Worlds Supplanting Cyberspace
Event: CITASA 3rd Mini-Conference to be held in the Metaverse ¬ Second Life
Date of Event: Sunday, August 12th, 2007
Time: 5:00-8:30pm EDT / 2:00¬5:30 pm PDT /SLT
Location Details: The GNWC Virtual Centre for Digital Media in Second Life
University Project (150, 84, 23)
For the third year in a row the Communication and Information Technology
Section (CITASA) of the American Sociological Association (ASA) will hold
a Mini-Conference as part of the ASA’s annual meeting. This year’s ASA
meeting will be held in New York City, while the primary venue for
CITASA’s MC3.0 will be held in Second Life. (www.secondlife.com). Second
Life is a 3d virtual world with nearly 8 million residents, who’s lifelike
avatars participate in a wide range of economic, social, educational and
recreational activities. The virtual location for MC3.0 will be the
Virtual Centre for Digital Media created by the Masters of Digital Media
Program at Great Northern Way Campus (Vancouver, BC). The physical
location of the conference will be wherever the participants find
themselves-in New York and elsewhere-at the time.
MC3.0 will focus on three broad areas:
* Social Networking Sites (Facebook, Flickr, YouTube etc)
* Videogames & Gaming (World Of Warcraft, Console games etc)
* Virtual Worlds (Second Life, Active Worlds etc)
Key Questions that will be addressed 1) What is the sociological
significance of the Web2.0 (and beyond) mediated form of social
interaction? 2) How can these forms of online interaction serve as bases
for sociological research? 3) Specifically, what is the pedagogical value
of the virtual world experience?
See the CITASA website after July 13, 2007 for more information or join
the CITASA group on Facebook. Individuals interested in presenting or
serving as discussants should contact one of the MC organizers listed
below. CITASA sponsored Second Life orientation sessions will be available
prior to the event for those new to the virtual world.
CITASA MC3.0 organizers
Tracy Kennedy tkennedy a netwomen.ca
Anabel Quan-Haase aquan a uwo.ca
Joanna Robinson joanna a gnwc.ca
Jim Witte jwitte a clemson.edu