> 件名: 4Kデジタル映像祭の募集のお知らせ
> 2009年 4Kデジタル映像祭参加の皆様
> 昨年は4Kデジタル映像祭にてお世話になりました。
> (財)デジタルコンテンツ協会の須藤です。
> さて、今年も10月14日(水)~17日(金)に
> 日本科学未来館にて開催するDC EXPO内において
> 4Kデジタル映像祭を企画しております。
> つきましては上演企画の公募をさせていただきました。
> www.dcexpo.jp/apply/4k.html
> 皆様方には今年もご参加いただければと思います。
> 是非ご検討をよろしくお願いいたします。

弔慰金へのご参加お願い:Vincent de paul ATANGANA EKANI

 ここ数年、Laval Virtualをきっかけにして、日仏を留学する学生交換を中心に学術交流が盛んになってきています。
From: Vincent de paul ATANGANA EKANI
Date: 2010/7/5
Subject: Thanks for all
To: Akihiko SHIRAI, Kazunori Miyata , Simon Richir
Hi Miyata Sensei, Akihiko Sensei, Prof. Simon RICHIR,
there are some events in life that are very ruthless.I must admit ,that this it’s my first time to feel a paintful sense like this.Amplifier by the fact that I’m away from my family.
He died on the car accident on the highway while he was going at work.Head-on collision with a car coming in the opposite direction with the driver asleep .None of them have survived to the accident. Babylas it was called and was to celebrate his 30 th birthday in November.
However I must be strong and overcome this tragic event.
Miyata Sensei put me in touch with Professor Jason Leigh of The University of Chicago, so I can apply for a PhD in his department.And the deadline for the application is before July 15 th, but for my case exceptionally it’s August 15 th. And i have the obligation to send also my TOEFL result.
Unfortunately for me, the date that was conducive to my situation is July 24 th in Osaka, because it would take two weeks to get the results.
According to my parents, the funeral should take place the next week .So a trip to Cameroon, would not allow me to have enough time to prepare for this exam.
Also I direct a project in the laboratory of Miyata Sensei, whose report must be submitted at the July 16th at last.And I would neither disappoint him and Prof. Simon Richir who has confidence in me.
I am very touched by this outburst of affection, which puts even more admiration for Japanese culture and especially for you Sensei Akihiko,
and you Sensei Miyata.
I would like to attend the funeral, but just after I could not fulfill my academic requirements, and all that why I fight so have been for nothing.
I will pray that his soul rest in peace,send a wreath, and wait for my possible
return to Cameroon after my defense in France, to do him homage.
But it’s hard! very hard!!!

Best regards
Vincent de Paul ATANGANA EKANI
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and technology
1-8,Asahidai,Nomi,Ishikawa,923-1211 Japan

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